Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Genre and game studies

In this article, Thomas H.Apperley talks about 2 games of civilisation. He talks about how they are different and what relation thay have with australian history while reading through this it went into the genre of the games saying it is historic stradgy game. But he then argues it isn't.
‘Videogames of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking, Education,
Tolerance and Other Important Issues’, simulations allows for ‘multiple and alternative’
views, opening a space for the player to explore different possibilities in their own
‘personal and social realities’
From this quote in this article it tells me that in some type of genres of game you get told what the game is that it is a stradegy with historical elements, but the player can change them and turn it into a different type of game.


Virtual Unaustralia: Videogames and Australia’s Colonial History, Thomas H. Apperley

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