Sunday, 26 April 2009

Observe and Report

On friday night i went to see Observe and Report, but i came back after watching this film and couldn't decide if it was meant to be a comedy or dark humour because at some bits it tried to be serious. so i couldn't really put it into a genre. Overall this film wasn't great because it couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Also i think you were meant to feel sorry for the main character played by seth rogen but didn't. I think this film is one of them films that cannot be put into a genre.

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  1. Hi Kirk,

    OK, you have made some effort here but you are seriously lacking any academic content. Go here:

    then get the name of the paper and the author and type it into Google Scholar to get a free PDF. This would be a good text to summarize regarding genre and games. You also need a more general text explaining the history/development of genre and genre studies, again try Google Scholar. I'll check back next weekend to see how you've got on.