Sunday, 26 April 2009

Genre in my favourite type of film: zombie films

When george a romero released night of the living dead it was criticaly acclaimed as a good horror film then he released dawn of the dead which was even better than night of the living dead.

BOOM! a shot from dawn of the dead when a man gets his head blown off, i actually found out how they did this. they filled a balloon full of red paint and bits of meat and shot it with a shotgun.
Anyway back on subject, now with the genre of zombie films they have made them even more scarier and realistic with films like 28 weeks later. as making it seem more real. Also gone away from the slow moving dumb zombie to the fast mad enraged zombie that just wants to beat the crap out of your face.
This is also shown in L4d the zombies in this game run really quick and are agile well the hunters are, unlike other zombie game dead rising where the zombies are slow like in george .a.romero films. The sound in L4D is used really well aswell, as it will get all dramatic when a tank attacks

when the tank music comes when playing you feel like o crap we are about to get owned. So i think its one of the best uses for music in a game.

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