Sunday, 26 April 2009

Observe and Report

On friday night i went to see Observe and Report, but i came back after watching this film and couldn't decide if it was meant to be a comedy or dark humour because at some bits it tried to be serious. so i couldn't really put it into a genre. Overall this film wasn't great because it couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Also i think you were meant to feel sorry for the main character played by seth rogen but didn't. I think this film is one of them films that cannot be put into a genre.
Genre in my favourite type of film: zombie films

When george a romero released night of the living dead it was criticaly acclaimed as a good horror film then he released dawn of the dead which was even better than night of the living dead.

BOOM! a shot from dawn of the dead when a man gets his head blown off, i actually found out how they did this. they filled a balloon full of red paint and bits of meat and shot it with a shotgun.
Anyway back on subject, now with the genre of zombie films they have made them even more scarier and realistic with films like 28 weeks later. as making it seem more real. Also gone away from the slow moving dumb zombie to the fast mad enraged zombie that just wants to beat the crap out of your face.
This is also shown in L4d the zombies in this game run really quick and are agile well the hunters are, unlike other zombie game dead rising where the zombies are slow like in george .a.romero films. The sound in L4D is used really well aswell, as it will get all dramatic when a tank attacks

when the tank music comes when playing you feel like o crap we are about to get owned. So i think its one of the best uses for music in a game.

Mirrors Edge

I recently completed this game and not sure what genre this game falls into, because is it a fps or adventure. Because in most fps the main objective is to shoot stuff but on this game you just mostly run round jumping on things, like parkour. but you can also shoot enemys but you dont have to.

I think the game is brilliant and looks fresh and bright. it reminds more of a platform puzzel game where you have to find the best route and the way to get to the finish abit like tomb raider. So i think this is a like a adventure game set in a city and alot better than tomb raider.

Mixed music genre

Just been going through you tube and found this band, i don't know if it has anything to do with genre but they have seemed to mix 2 of the worst genres together. Screamo/crunk. i personally think it is complete rubbish but lots of younger kids seem to love it.

Link to awful mixed genre music

But also found some music videos that mix different genres that are actually very good

Hardcore Punk and Grime/hip hop
Artic monkeys and dizzie rascal

Crs4 Genre

new madden nfl game.

This is a link to a site all about genre in the media.