Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cross Genre

In this article jacob Stutsman talks about genre busting games, games that are classed as a certain type of genre but have other elements to them.

When Metroid went to a first person view for the Gamecube, there was a bit of confusion of how to categorize it. At that point, it could have been categorized as a first person shooter, but it was clearly an adventure game, and marketed as such...what was it?''
This is like with gta was first on playstation it was a more like a adventure game because of the way it was set, but now its more like a fps with the third person veiws, but is also a driving game at the same time. also with games like fallout 3 its not only a rpg/adventure but also a fps.


Genre Busters: Games that Defied their Genres
Written by Jacob Stutsman

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